Boy Scout badge : Lieutenant Nicholas Nikon, 3 Dywizia Strelcow Karpackich, Polish Army

Unit Boy Scouts
Place Europe: Poland
Accession Number REL28735
Collection type Heraldry
Object type Badge
Physical description Pressed Metal
Maker Unknown
Place made Poland
Date made c 1930s
Conflict Period 1930-1939

Stamped 'Tinnie' Badge in plain metal. The left side of the badge is the left half of a fleur-de-lis, while the right side has the raised stylised letters 'ZHP'(Zwiazek Harcerstwa Polskiego, the Polish Scouting Association) the edges of which form the right outline of the badge, while the inscribed Roman numerals 'XXV' run diagonally downwards beneath them.

History / Summary

Associated with the pre war career of Polish serviceman, Lieutenant Nicholas Nikon, who served in the Polish Army and was interned by the Soviet NKVD. After his release from internment in 1941, he served in the Middle East with the Polish Carpathian Brigade and then fought in Italy at the battle for Monte Cassino in May, 1944.

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