Researching Australian military service: Gulf War, 1990–1991


Australian military history overview: Gulf War, 1990-1991

Nominal rolls

  • Preliminary Gulf War Nominal Roll created by Department of Veterans' Affairs lists Australian Defence Force personnel involved in that conflict. It includes all personnel involved in the hostilities and associated operations in the Persian Gulf between August 1990 and September 1991.
  • Frederick Kirkland, Operation Damask: being a record of Australia 's participation prior to, during and after the Gulf War, Iraq–Kuwait 1990–1991 (Cremorne, NSW: Plaza Historical Service, 1991). The nominal rolls are on pp. 168-207.

Personal service records

These files are held by the Department of Defence, Service and Personnel Records.

Where they served

As it is not yet 30 years since official records for this conflict were created, files are still unavailable for public access (for more information see the Archives Act 1983).

Official history

Official histories are a detailed chronological record of all services and all theatres of conflict.

David Horner, Australia and the new world order: from peacekeeping to peace enforcement: 1988-1991 (Cambridge University Press, 2011) Volume 2 of The Official History of Peacekeeping, Humanitarian and Post-Cold War Operations includes a description of Australian commitments in the Gulf crisis and First Gulf War (1990-91).

Medals and awards

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Where to look for photographs and other items

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