1918: Australians in France - Bibliography

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John Longstaff
Lieutenant General Sir John Monash (ART02987)

Will Longstaff
Breaking the Hindenburg Line (ART03023)

Will Dyson
Back at the waggon lines comparing souvenirs (ART02220)
The mate (ART02231)
Tired, wet and disillusioned (ART02326)
Isn't there any flaming droughts in this country? (ART16157)
Christmas memories (ART50203)

H. Septimus Power
Stretcher-bearers (ART03645)
8th August, 1918 (ART12208)

A. Henry Fullwood
Death of Baron von Richthofen (ART02495)
Market square at Ham-sur-Heure (ART02460)
Attack on Hamel-Vaire (ART002493)

Fred Leist
Wireless station, St Gratien (ART02876)
Capture of Mont St Quentin (ART02929)
Tank in action (ART19563)

Arthur Streeton
3rd Australian General Hospital, Abbeville (ART03529)
60 pounder gun off Albert Rd (ART03531)

George Benson
Lewis Gunner (ART19991)

Louis McCubbin
Péronne, heavy artillery advancing through the town (ART03043)

George Bell
Dawn at Hamel, 4 July (ART03590)


The Australian's Final Campaign In 1918 (F00018)

The Development of the Tank (F03728)

Return of the Anzacs (F00137)

We of the AIF (F00187)

Private Records

Corporal Robert Addison (PR00442)

Gunner J.R. Armitage (PR00420)

Sister Elsie Cook (PR82/135)

Colonel Percy Walter Dobson, MC (MSS1113)

Private Albert Golding (PR91/060)
A picture of a man and his rifle, entitled "Oiling his friend", from the diary of Private Albert Golding.

Sapper Harold Douglas Grant (PR00009)

Lance Corporal A.H. McKibbin (PR91/107)

Sergeant Charles C. McPhee (PR00027)
Visual used: POW diary page.

Private Ronald Simpson (PR00733)
Visuals used: Page of the nurse's condolence letter,
photograph of Private Simpson.

Sapper W.M. Telford (MSS1044)

Captain Ivor Williams (PR91/113)

Pearl Corkhill (PR88/165) donor file 749/42/29

Private John Hardie (PR00519)

Captain Francis Fairweather (2DRL/0207)

Other unpublished records

"The operations of the Australian Corps in France from July 1st to Oct. 5th, 1918" (940.435 061)

Memo, "National collections of war trophies, etc." 7 September 1917 (AWM 54 91/2/4)

Birdwood, W. Circular re donations of war trophies from AIF members, 14 December 1917 (AWM 54 91/2/4)

"Operations by Australian Corps against Hamel, Bois de Hamel and Bois de Vaire", 4 July 1918 (f940.4344 061)


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